We work closely with nonprofits and community leaders across the region to identify areas where our grants and leadership can make a lasting difference to strengthen the Tampa Bay area.

Our current efforts include education, at-risk youth, workforce development and conservation. Among the 2014-15 initiatives:

Education: Hillsborough College Access Network
The Community Foundation of Tampa Bay is the lead organization for the new Hillsborough College Access Network, dedicated to helping more people find the resources they need to continue their education past high school. 

The network’s goal is to increase the proportion of residents of Hillsborough County with high-quality college degrees, certificates or other credentials to 60% by 2025.  

Partners include the Florida College Access Network, Hillsborough County Schools, Hillsborough Community College, University of South Florida, Hillsborough Education Foundation, City of Tampa, Hillsborough County, Tampa Chamber of Commerce, Helios Education Foundation and Bank of America. 

Workforce development: Encore Tampa Bay
The Community Foundation of Tampa Bay supports Encore Tampa Bay’s effort to connect Tampa Bay’s skilled, experienced adults over 50 with meaningful “encore” opportunities that give them purpose, plus strengthen our nonprofits, businesses and the overall economy of the region. 

A standing-room-only Town Hall in October 2014 announced the concept to the area. Efforts are now underway to organize networks and resources to assist encore career seekers and entrepreneurs and businesses and nonprofits that want to leverage encore talent.



Conservation: Blue Ocean Film Festival and Tampa Bay Watch
The Community Foundation of Tampa Bay’s donors tell us that the natural environment is one of the things they care about deeply. Their gifts enabled the Foundation to support the first international Blue Ocean Film Festival & Conservation Summit in St. Petersburg in November to raise awareness and improve the natural habitat of Tampa Bay and beyond.

As part of that support, Foundation’s donors made possible a $25,000 grant to Tampa Bay Watch, which has been an environmental steward of Tampa Bay for more than 20 years. The grant from the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay  to raise awareness and improve the natural habitat of Tampa Bay and beyond. The grant will help restore oyster beds in three St. Petersburg waterfront parks, enhancing water quality, reducing erosion and preserving natural habitats.