The charitable funds at the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay are as varied as our donors.

The funds support education, the arts, children and youth, the homelessness and hunger, the elderly, animal rescue, workforce development, conservation, faith-based organizations and many other causes donors believe in – all to make Tampa Bay a better place to live and work.

Our expert staff will work with you to find the right fund for you. Our three primary vehicles for your philanthropic activities:

Donor Advised Funds 
A Donor Advised Fund gives you a convenient, versatile way to make charitable contributions when and how you want.  You can make an initial donation — and claim the maximum benefits allowed by law – then take your time to decide which nonprofit organizations or activities you want to support. It’s a great choice if you want to spread your giving over time and among a variety of causes.

Family Foundations
A Family Foundation helps you turn your personal philanthropy into a family tradition. You get all the practical benefits of a Donor Advised Fund with the ability to share your charitable values across the generations. A Family Foundation with the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay also garners a more favorable tax treatment and lower operating expenses than a private foundation.

Community Endowments
A Community Endowment can take several forms:

  • Field of Interest Endowment – These funds support grants to specific focus areas such as arts, education, human services or youth. You can ensure your interests are supported, without limiting the funding to one organization.
  • Designated Endowments – These provide a permanent source of funding to a specific organization that you designate. 
  • Agency Endowments – These are created by an organization for its own benefit.
  • Scholarship Endowments – These endowments provide financial support for students who meet the criteria you set when you establish the fund.

Agency Reserve Funds
An Agency Reserve Fund allows nonprofit organizations to place their reserve funds with the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay for long-term growth while still allowing flexible access to the money.  An Agency Reserve Fund can be a stepping stone to a permanent endowment for nonprofits without an endowment or a flexible complement to an existing endowment.