Our donors make it possible for the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay to collaborate with our local nonprofits to identify our community’s greatest needs and work toward long-term solutions.

We make grants – through our own initiatives, through a competitive process, through our endowment-building program and through our donor advised funds. We also fund scholarships.

But that’s not all we do. We also offer leadership to connect our nonprofits with additional sources of funding and with others who are pursuing similar goals. We are all stronger when we work together.

Current Initiatives
We collaborate with local nonprofits and our Board of Trustees to identify emerging issues and opportunities for long-term change. Grants from our Community Impact Fund are awarded based on our knowledge of the community and the priorities of our leadership. Learn more.

Endowment Building Grants
We help nonprofits build long-term financial stability by establishing or growing endowments. Our Endowment Building Fund makes matching grants to nonprofits that reach their endowment-building goals. Learn more.

Competitive Grants
We make grants to nonprofit organizations throughout the year through a competitive process.  Learn more.

Donor Advised Funds
Many of our grants are recommended by donors through their Donor Advised Funds. Learn more.

Our donors support dozens of scholarships for students seeking wide range of educational opportunities. Learn more.